Angeline’s Blues

June 21, 2021

Written, recorded and arranged by Angela Mack around 1999.  Recorded in Grafton, WI.

Grieving through an “A Pentatonic Cedar Flute”….

My original dream was to play this with other musicians.   Sometimes I listen to this song repeatedly.  I remember.  I pray.  I cry.  I hurt.  And this song is self-soothing to me.  Blowing through this flute is healing for me personally.

This is a great instrument for people with anxiety.

Feel free to comment on what it makes you think about.  Or feel free to loop it on repeat to pray or meditate.  This is a psalm of me crying out to God during a difficult time in my life.

Angeline's Blues featuring Angie Mack on an "A Pentatonic Cedar Flute" by Live from the Grafton House of Blues

I would call this song, “fluid”.  I would say that “the mood” is blues.

“But it doesn’t sound like blues!” you say.

To me, any song born out of brokenness and conveying that brokenness authentically is what defines this song as blues.  Or at least related to the blues.

The slightly higher pitch of the cedar flute creates dissonance .  Dissonance is a huge part of jazz.  So you will hear tension and release.  Resembling jazz.  The flute pushes and pulls with heartfelt dynamics.  It’s an improvised number.  Like jazz.

The lazy flute.  More jazz……..

142 W Falls Rd, Grafton, WI 53024, USA

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