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December 8, 2020
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Episode 15: Chasin’ Dem Blues – Paramount Records in Grafton, WI

Jan 17, 2020

We’re really excited about this episode because it’s about a unique piece of Grafton’s history – the Paramount Blues. If you’ve driven in our downtown, you’ve noticed our Paramount Plaza with the Walk of Fame, honoring famous and influential Blues artists. In this episode we’ll talk about the history of the Blues in Grafton, Wisconsin with Kevin Ramsey and Angie Mack-Reilly. We’ll also talk to Cara McMullin about an exciting partnership with the Milwaukee Repertory Theater!

Kevin Ramsey is the playwright and director of Chasin’ Dem Blues. Kevin has written four plays, two of which were put on at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. He is knowledgeable of our community and the impact we had on Blues history. His love of history and music has inspired him to write Chasin’ Dem Blues. His enthusiasm for not only Chasin’ Dem Blues but also Grafton, WI!

Angie Mack-Reilly is our local historian and person who literally dug up the Blues history out of the Milwaukee River. Angie has always been very active with the arts in Grafton and most importantly, instrumental in uncovering the blues history in Grafton. We were in awe of her while talking about the extent of research she did to discover the blues history in Grafton and we hope you will appreciate what she did as much as we do!

Our last guest is Cara McMullen. Cara is the Director of Marketing at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Cara spent the early years of her life living in an apartment on 12th Avenue right here in Grafton! She has worked with us to bring our vision of Grafton Night at Chasin’ Dem Blues to life! We are so excited to present this partnership to Grafton and our surrounding communities.

Grafton Night at Chasin’ Dem Blues is Saturday, February 29 5-11:00pm. Included in your $100 will be your ticket to the show, a three-course meal with a variety of options and transportation to and from the show via a coach bus. We will meet at the football field parking lot at Grafton High School at 5pm to get to the Milwaukee Reparatory Theater to enjoy dinner prior to the show. You can still purchase tickets online at! Contact Annalise with any questions 262-377-1650.

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