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Some of the podcasts, television appearances, radio interviews, articles and videos that feature Angie and her work

Crazy Ideas by Angie Mack

I have come to understand through many observations that the craziest ideas are usually the most brilliant ideas.

These “crazy” ideas are initially met with mocking, negativity, rejection, disbelief and even persecution.

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Interviewing the Interviewer

Having been in journalism for over 30 years, Ben is somewhat of a celebrity in the Milwaukee area. Most people know him as the longtime radio host for Wisconsin Public Radio’s At Issue With Ben Merens on the Ideas Network.

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Chronic Creativity by Angela Mack Published on Creativity Portal

Angie Mack has been a long-time creativity coach and advocate for musicians….both dead and alive.  She is passionate about issues that affect musicians and creative people such as mental health issues, economic hardship and pirating.  Angie has spoken to various groups of people about the creative process and how to embrace it. 

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