Endless Supply of Inspiration

June 21, 2021
sculpture at MoMA of woman dipping her hair in the water while three women tell their own story in the background

Endless Supply of Inspiration

by Angela Mack published on Creativity Portal

Endless supply of
springing forth
out of your spirit!
Bubbling brook
of creativity,
unhindered by the
cares of this world.
Continuously flow
the rocks that get
in your way.
Break through the dams
that declare,
“Your journey ends here.”
(And shall I remind you
that a storm
is really your friend?)
Laughing river,
joyous song,
journey forward,
never ceasing.
Your internal compass
shall always guide you
to the lowest parts of the earth.

This is a very early poem that I wrote.   And it still resonates.  Rather than going into depth about the poem right now (jokingly) because I know that nobody even cares anyhow…haha….) I will say that we all need to find our own inspiration.  Some of us even moreso.

A huge part of what I have done in my adult life is to inspire others.   A LOT of others.  (jokingly) And their mothers.  So that means that I have to have enough inspiration inside of myself to give out.  Because you can’t give out what you don’t have, right?

Generally speaking, being alone inspires me.  Being in water inspires me.  Playing in my yard (aka gardening) inspires me.   I could obviously go on and on.   Above all, God is my inspiration.

Leaders need time to “inspire themselves”.  The SPACE to inspire themselves.

And I have learned how to inspire myself with very little, actually.

That’s where imagination meets faith.

With imagination and faith,

ANYTHING is possible.

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