Global Gratitude for Research on the Death of Arthur “Blind” Blake

July 5, 2021
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Arthur Blind Blake’s Death Certificate Finally Found!

by Angela Mack

April 2011 originally published on her old website/blog

Please refer to the Blues & Rhythm article published in issue #263 called, “IN SEARCH OF BLIND BLAKE Arthur Blake’s death certificate unearthed” by Alex van der Tuuk, Bob Eagle, Rob Ford, Eric LeBlanc and Angela Mack.  The authors are also working on a follow up article…..

Responses from around the world…….

“Absolutely amazing. Blake has always been such a mystery over the years. To me, this has to rank as one of the top discoveries in blues research ever, period.  –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“That sounds like THE BIGGEST BLUES NEWS for years !!!” –Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“I await my copy with bated breath!” – Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“Very, very, VERY nice work.  Thanks to all involved for bringing this to light.” –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“In country blues terms I think this find is of the same magnitude as that of, say, Calt and Wardlow tracking down the history of Blind Joe Reynolds together with two photos (c1947 & c1964) which they published in Blues Unlimited 146, Autumn Winter 1984.” –-Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“Thank you and congratulations, to all those who persisted in breaking down the brick walls beneath which information about Blind Blake’s life and death were hidden, revealing information that has been unknown for the better part of a century.  It is a major accomplishment which enriches the legacy of the man, and very exciting news for his fans – wherever they are.”  –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“Just received the new issue of Blues & Rhythm with the promised article.  Full details of Blake’s death (in 1934) with Death Certificate and Autopsy Report. Site of his grave and details of his widow’s death. No guesswork – real results from excellent research.  A must read article.”  –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“WOW what a find. Excellent blog of your experience. Felt like I was right with you.” – Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“OK, if somebody ever asks me why I hang around this forum, I think this very thread alone – actually many of the discussions here – would be a good enough answer !”  – Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“I love reading about our Blues Brothers…Thank you Angie Mack for doing what you do! Talk about “HISTORY” ..Kudos! –”Barb”

“oh Jesus. The amazing discovery.  The biggest discovery of the Blues.” –A.K.

“This is undoubtedly the finest moment in blues history since the discovery of the first Robert Johnson photo. It is far more significant, though because it solves the mystery of where, how and when the greatest fingerpicker in American music history met his end. Congratulations on your diligence and dedication in finding the solution to this ancient puzzle!” –Joel, comment on

“This is amazing – there had been theories that his name was Phelps, or that he died in Florida. This man was one of the greatest American musicians of the 20th century.” –Organissimo Forum Member

“He needs a proper headstone, maybe with that Paramount publicity shot.  And Angie, congratulations to you and your colleagues for solving the mystery.” –Weenie Campbell Forum“wow, this is great, Thanks to all who found this out, How about a Blake fest at the site?  I’ll be there.” –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“You have achieved a wonderful outcome. That’s a heroic achievement following of the moon landing.The truly great achievement. It was then worried about the Blake. Now I know his life, a little sad, and very happy.This story is over Indiana Jones.Cheers!!!!”

Angie in Japanese Magazine
Angie in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland magazine
Angie in Dutch Blues Magazine

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