(Grafton, WI) Words Etched in Concrete

June 21, 2021

This morning I woke up early and decided to look for my poems that are etched into the sidewalks of Grafton.  Not everyone can say that their poems are etched into concrete.

The Show Must Go On

I love speaking with my hands and feet, whether it be writing, dancing or playing an instrument.   Sometimes vocalization is not always necessary to bring about an effective message. Sometimes,  it takes a choice set of words……or a choice set of notes……..or a choice set of movement to move emotions.

the traveling minstrel american poet

I love creating content.  Meaningful content that makes people pause and truly appreciate what is important in life.  Words that are written down have a way of outliving the human body.

I am thankful for my name.  “Angela” meaning “Messenger”.

If you need creative content that lasts, consider this writer……

spring is here in my heart american poet

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