Some of the podcasts, television appearances, radio interviews, articles and videos that feature Angie and her work

Angie Speaks on Grafton Chamber of Commerce Podcast about Chasin dem blues

Angie Mack-Reilly is our local historian and person who literally dug up the Blues history out of the Milwaukee River. Angie has always been very active with the arts in Grafton and most importantly, instrumental in uncovering the blues history in Grafton. We were in awe of her while talking about the extent of research she did to discover the blues history in Grafton and we hope you will appreciate what she did as much as we do!

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Angeline’s Blues

A Song that Angie wrote about 2 decades ago. She wrote, arranged produced it all by herself. This song was recorded at 142 W. Falls Road in Grafton, WI . Same road that the old record factory was on. She just didn’t know it at the time of this recording. Destiny.

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Be True

Advertisements WARNING:  This book of poems which came from Angie’s journals over the years contains adult

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Endless Supply of Inspiration

Generally speaking, being alone inspires me.  Being in water inspires me.  Playing in my yard (aka gardening) inspires me.   I could obviously go on and on.   Above all, God is my inspiration.

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Chronic Creativity by Angela Mack Published on Creativity Portal

Angie Mack has been a long-time creativity coach and advocate for musicians….both dead and alive.  She is passionate about issues that affect musicians and creative people such as mental health issues, economic hardship and pirating.  Angie has spoken to various groups of people about the creative process and how to embrace it. 

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Grafton Wisconsin History

Hawkeye served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Blues Foundation in Memphis, and was chairperson of the Foundation’s education committee. He maintains an active touring schedule performing in concert and at blues festivals throughout the US/Canada/Europe, and his original articles about blues history appear in numerous national and regional blues magazines and newsletters.

In November of 2004, Hawkeye was inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame in Des Moines, IA.

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Angie Featured in Delta Download Mississippi Blues Blog
“Angie Mack lives on the Mississippi Blues Trail—in Grafton, Wisconsin—home to legendary…
Angie Interviews Playwright Kevin Ramsey ...
Last season Stackner Cabaret audiences were treated to a spirited world premiere production of SAM…

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