Why Does Moses Mason Sound Like Son House?

November 14, 2022

More Unknown Recordings of Son House?

by Angie Mack


Last night I listened to a recording of “John the Baptist” by Reverend Moses Mason for the first time.  My first and entire thought while listening?

Son House.

I’m not sure that anyone has ever made this correlation before.

It seems that little is known about Rev. Moses Mason.  Apparently, this song was recorded for Paramount around 1928.

I do believe that further investigation is in order.  Are the Reverend Moses Mason and Son House one in the same?  Did either inspire the other?  I think that these are legitimate questions to look into as further research.

Because this lifetime vocal instructor hears Son House.  Am I off of my Wisconsin Chair Company rocker?  This thought just hit me last night.  So it is all very fresh.  It’s just a theory.  Sometimes theories are incorrect.  Sometimes they are correct.  I would love to see substantiated evidence or arguments for either side.

What do you think?  Please comment.  — Angie Mack, Grafton WI

Additional Recordings by Reverend Moses Mason

“Judgement Day in the Morning”

“Red Cross The Disciple of Christ Today” (about the flood of 1927)

“Molly Man”

“Go Wash in The Beautiful Stream”

Rev. Moses Mason

This particular unaccompanied sermon was recorded for Paramount 12646 and Herwin 93009.  Bishop Samuel T Jenkins in also credited.

Another interesting tidbit is that Steve Cushing’s book Pioneers of the Blues Revival claims that Son House didn’t play guitar until 1928.



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Why Does Moses Mason Sound Like Son House?

The mysterious Reverend Moses Mason on Paramount Records sounds an awful lot like Son House to this lifetime vocal instructor. The question: Is there some validity to this far-fetched thought?

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