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My Dream Home

by Angie Mack 7.20.19

The Art of Dreaming

I believe that dreaming is an underrated skill.

Not the sleep kind of dreaming.

But daydreaming.

Dreaming gives us hope.

I see dreaming as a coping skill.

I see it as being visionary.

Being visionary is a skill that any good leader needs to have.

I encourage dreaming.   Fantasy.  Fiction.  And everything in between.

Featured image taken by Angie Mack titled, “Sunset on the Wisconsin Farm”

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Angie’s Dream Home

Design concepts are open, natural, creative and aesthetic.   Free flowing.  Like my soul.

Daydream A Piano Original By Angie Mack Reilly (c) 2017 by Live from the Grafton House of Blues

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