New Beginnings: Just Angie

June 21, 2021

Open Your Mouth written, recorded and arranged by Angela Mack in the late 1990s. 

Published for the first time on the Internet.  Here.  Right now.  First time the public is hearing it.  Please know that I produced this going on 20 years ago now.   This is part of my musical archive that I will begin sharing.  Living and breathing music almost everyday since this was recorded has obviously matured me as a musician.

But there are elements in this song that remain true today.

One.  I love major seventh chords.  This song was built on major seventh chords.  It lends itself to go jazz, or whatever.

I originally wanted to have a million musicians on this.   Like a John Tesh Live on the Red Rocks kind of thing.

But, I was raising three busy boys at the time, didn’t have a car, nor the money to pay musicians.  So I played every instrument on my Korg N264 and wound up with a total of 17 layers.   I turned my townhouse living room into my music studio.  We lived at 142 W. Falls Rd.  in Grafton.  (My boys used to call it “the ghetto of Grafton.”)  Gosh.  When I think about how much time it took me to record these, I have to give myself a little respect.  Or attribute it to being somewhat miraculous.

Of course, there are stories and meanings behind this song that I will share as time goes on…….

On another note, I would love to do an acoustic remix with as many singers as possible….harmonizing…. and, of course, I would love a full orchestra and band.  #gobigorgohome

I will be posting more music and content in my spare time. (ha!) 

Be True

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