Pop Art Journalism: The Vaccine

August 10, 2021
Woman holdin a Get Your Flu Shot sign
Vaccine Pop Art by Angie Mack (c) 2008 Grafton, WI May not be used without permission. Contact angie@ozaukeetalent.com

Creative Thinking: Beyond Narrow Mindedness

by Angie Mack

As an arts mentor, my job isn’t to tell you what to think. It’s to provoke you to think, feel or remember.

This 2008 photo that I took in the Paramount Plaza in Grafton, WI has a lot in it. How many different stories can be derived from this photo? Upon quick glance, I see six.

Creative minds have the ability to see a variety of angles and points of view. Artists tend to be more open minded. Their vision is a lot larger than most.

Let me demonstrate.

If this were a newspaper headline photo, what would the headline say?

The creative mind might say something like:

Local Hospital Demands Vaccination Loud and Clear

This Week’s Pumpkin Festival the Last Hoorah

Behind all the Noise is …. Son House

Did Skip James Stay in the Grafton Hotel?

Outdoor Gatherings Gaining Momentum in Wisconsin

Creative people understand that possibilities are pliable and plentiful.

Artists know how to disagree passionately yet peacefully. Why? Number one, they deal with, understand and respect perspectives. Number two, they respect and understand that there are diverse stories. Number three, they understand that at the core of each person is a unique make up. Through their craft they prove to the world that emotions are indeed universal.

To the detriment of humanity, online communication has digressed into futile arguments and wasted energy. Healthy debate and discussion have been thrown out the window. Maybe we should name this the era of My Way or the Highway.

Let me say this. Arguments don’t win. Kindness wins.

Seeing different viewpoints wins.

Contact: angie@ozaukeetalent.com

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