2014: Making Music with Angie

June 21, 2021

Making Music With Angie

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Many families in Ozaukee County know who Angie Mack is.  She has directed hundreds of musicals in the past 18 years, and has taught thousands of private music students.

Angie graduated from Fort Atkinson High School, where the home of the nationally known Fireside Theater is.   She majored in music theory and minored in voice.

“My original dream was to become a composer.  I wanted to write film scores.   I wanted to write the music that drove the musical.”

Angie originally found great satisfaction in using her musical talents to serve the church.   For many years, she was a worship leader at Spirit Life Church in Mequon.

“I really loved Spirit Life.  They were a cutting edge church that embraced all of the arts.  While there, I helped plan weekly artistic events, played keyboards, wrote congregational songs, acted in skits, danced with teams, and led a team of about 20 people.  I am thankful for Spirit Life Church and all of the opportunities that they gave me to be a leader of the arts.”

After that, she became the music teacher and musical director for Ozaukee Christian School in Saukville.

“My time at OCS is so precious to me.  They challenged me to become more organized.  I created lesson plans, annual goals and everything was documented in an organized fashion.  I am pleased to say that I am still in relationship with almost all of my music students from that time period.”

After OCS, Angie discovered a flyer in her mail about the North Shore Academy of the Arts.

“The flyer moved me so much that I wrote the founder and said, ‘I fully support you guys and your mission.  Is there anything I can do to help?’”

Immediately, NSAA’s founder, Sheri Bestor, responded, “Can you teach piano?”

From there, launched Angie’s huge private teaching debut.  She taught as many as 40 students per week in piano, voice, drama, songwriting, percussion and more.

Meanwhile, she was making an international name for herself on the topic of Paramount Records, who recorded America’s legends in Grafton, WI.

In 2004, Angie began her “crusade” to raise awareness about the delta blues legends who recorded in her city.  She started up the website www.paramountshome.org, and had several years of notable fame.

Unfortunately, all of the music came to an abrupt halt in 2012, when Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy at age 42.  She remarried and quit her duties as a director and teacher to recover.

While recovering, she landed a sales position for Marcus Promotions/Footlights Inc. which partners with 140 different arts venues in the Midwest.

Angie loves the flexibility and “working from home” aspect of the job.  She also enjoys having her professional network expanded; however, she is a teacher and director at heart.  She is slowly getting back to developing musical leaders, and is accepting serious private music students at $25/half hour through the North Shore Academy of the Arts.

Angie has a long history of developing successful artisans.  Her private students have landed lead roles at the Milwaukee Rep, Fireside Theater, First Stage, North Shore Academy of the Arts and more.  Her students have won Ozaukee Idol awards and WAMI awards, such as Stephanie Brill.  They have produced albums and have been seen on TV.

“I am proud to call myself an expert in the performing arts arena.  My ultimate life goal is to write a musical but, in the meantime, I am here to offer myself as a mentor, teacher, confidant and director in the field.  Anyone passionate about pursuing an arts occupation should contact me.  Contact angie@ozaukeetalent.com to secure a lesson time.

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