Some of the podcasts, television appearances, radio interviews, articles and videos that feature Angie and her work

Be Free

Purchase Be Free by Female Poet Angie Mack

This book of poems primarily deals with women’s issues and abuse

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sculpture at MoMA of woman dipping her hair in the water while three women tell their own story in the background

Endless Supply of Inspiration

Generally speaking, being alone inspires me.  Being in water inspires me.  Playing in my yard (aka gardening) inspires me.   I could obviously go on and on.   Above all, God is my inspiration.

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Angie Mack Paramount Plaza Walk of Fame Chairperson 2006-2020 Grafton WI

ποιήτρια (poiḗtria)

Bohemian Poet Angie Mack

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Angie Mack acrylic painting

Audio Poetry: I Live in the Wild by Angie Mack

“I Live in the Wild” is about a composer who decided to write instead

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lift each other up by angie mack reilly

Why Do We Compete So Much?

How often is competition on you mind?

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USPS Image from Pixabay

Who Helluva Noise

It’s amazing what can happen when people come together

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Langston Hughes quote

Langston Hughes: The Weary Blues from the Eyes of a Musician

Many of his poems contain jazz and blues rhythms. Langston Hughes got swallowed up in the jazz scene in Harlem during its Renaissance and his passion came out in many of his poems.

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Angie Mack in the Paramount Plaza Grafton WI

Angie Mack: Arts Keynote Speaker

Looking for an inspirational arts keynote speaker?

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The Literary Parrot on Amazon

Today’s Interview with the New York Parrot Literary Magazine

Thank you Dustin Pickering and Mutiu Olawuyi for listening.  Hence caring.  We need more like you

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i have a voice by angie mack reilly

Voices by Angie Mack

Are we losing the art of listening to one another?

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front cover of August Wilson's The Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson Analyzed

Monday, 17 December 2007 The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson Analyzed by Angela K. Mack We

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The Weary Blues by August Wilson

“The Weary Blues” From the Eyes of a Musician

rescued from https://web.archive.org/web/20130507081715/http://www.creativeconnectionarts.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=43 “The Weary Blues” From the Eyes of a Musician A Harlem Renaissance Poet

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New Literary Discussion on Parrot TV

New York Parrot TV Show with guest Angie Mack

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angie mack sitting

What is Fun?

Silly talks. Silly walks. Silly gestures. Silly shadows.
Angie Mack Creative

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Are you Seeking? Are you Seeking?

by Angie Mack based off of the words of a famous carpenter. Go. Labor. Pray for

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