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Embracing The Legacy Of The Blues / From the South To The North by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Part 2. Grafton, WI and Paramount Records

Angela became obsessed with knowing more about the history and importance of Paramount. The more she learned, the more confused she got. “Why wasn’t this a big deal in Grafton?”

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Angie Featured in Delta Download Mississippi Blues Blog

Angie Mack lives on the Mississippi Blues Trail—in Grafton, Wisconsin—home to legendary Paramount Records.

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Angie Speaks on Grafton Chamber of Commerce Podcast about Chasin dem blues

Angie Mack-Reilly is our local historian and person who literally dug up the Blues history out of the Milwaukee River. Angie has always been very active with the arts in Grafton and most importantly, instrumental in uncovering the blues history in Grafton. We were in awe of her while talking about the extent of research she did to discover the blues history in Grafton and we hope you will appreciate what she did as much as we do!

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Music legends chosen for Walk of Fame 2006 Article

Music legends chosen for Walk of Fame Landmark artists selected for Paramount Plaza honors include only

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Angie is Interviewed by The World Music Foundation About Music History

Podcast Feature Interview!
Angie Mack is interviewed by The World Music Foundation about Important Music History

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The Coming of the Blues Valery Pisigin

Angie Assists Russian Author in Writing The Coming of Blues

The Coming of Blues by Valery Pisigin

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Wisconsin Historical Society Award

Historical and Cultural Consultant and Project Planner

Angie Mack Contact: Historical consultant, researcher and educator with a strong background in arts leadership,

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Global Gratitude for Research on the Death of Arthur “Blind” Blake

Arthur Blind Blake’s Death Certificate Finally Found! by Angela Mack April 2011 originally published on her

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Grafton Wisconsin History

Hawkeye served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Blues Foundation in Memphis, and was chairperson of the Foundation’s education committee. He maintains an active touring schedule performing in concert and at blues festivals throughout the US/Canada/Europe, and his original articles about blues history appear in numerous national and regional blues magazines and newsletters.

In November of 2004, Hawkeye was inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame in Des Moines, IA.

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‘Detectives’ show has eye on Grafton November 3, 2005

How the musicians traveled to Grafton, where they stayed locally and what happened to many of their rare 78-rpm records now sought by collectors around the world are among the questions surrounding the Paramount story.

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Grafton City Blues Milwaukee Rep Playbill

grafton city blues: Angie interviews playwright kevin ramsey for the milwaukee rep 2007/08 season

“Grafton City Blues” Interview with playwright Kevin RamseyPUBLISHED IN THE MILWAUKEE REP 2007/08 SEASON PROLOGUE PUBLICATION

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Dick Waterman, Angie Mack and Jim Brunnquell

Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Recounts Music Advocacy Efforts in Grafton, WI

by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Dec. 5, 2020 As an internationally recognized/touring blues musician/composer/educator/historian I can assure

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2019: Angie on Fox6Now Real Milwaukee with Brian Kramp

North Shore Academy of the Arts Stagekids presented Elf Jr. at the Cedarburg Peforming Arts Center January 11-12

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Grafton artist’s job is to inspire talent in Ozaukee

“This is honestly the best job you can ever imagine. I love working with musicians and actors. I feel really lucky to be doing this,” Mack said. 

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2017: Public Speaker for National Listen to Your Mother Show

Angie Mack Raises Awareness About Mental Illness

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The Literary Parrot on Amazon

Today’s Interview with the New York Parrot Literary Magazine

Thank you Dustin Pickering and Mutiu Olawuyi for listening.  Hence caring.  We need more like you

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2016 News Graphic Headline: Angie Mack Turns the Page

Please consider donating to Ozaukee Talent

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Saturday Panel Discussion to Focus on Paramount Records, Steve Ostermann 2005, Ozaukee Press

Five experts on Grafton’s Wisconsin Chair Co. music studio, which during the 1920s and early ’30s produced more than one quarter of the blues recordings in the United States, will participate in a panel discussion Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Cedarburg Cultural Center.

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Embracing Grafton’s Blue Legacy by Steve Ostermann 2005, Ozaukee Press

When Angela Mack moved to her Falls Road residence in Grafton eight years ago, she had no idea her home was just up the road from a landmark site in American music history.

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Angie in Corporate Report Wisconsin for Pioneering Social Media Work

Strategies for Profitable Business “Use It … Social Media Marketing by Marcia Tillett-Zinzow Jan. 28, 2001

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Angie’s Early Pioneering Activism for Obscure Local Blues History (2004-07)

Here are some of the early efforts trying to recognize the valuable contributions of the early 1900s Paramount Records label

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chronic-creativity by author angie mack reilly

2006: Exclusive Interview

I love it all! Performing arts, music, visual arts, poetry, etc.!

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Embracing The Legacy Of The Blues / From the South To The North by Michael "Hawkeye" Herman Part 2. Grafton, WI and Paramount Records

written by internationally recognized blues educator and performer Michael “Hawkeye” Herman in 2006

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78 Record Grafton WI

Staked Upon History it Didn’t Understand

April 25, 2006 Article by Tim Carpenter, News Graphic

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Little Pink Anderson on the Paramount Plaza Walk of Fame in Grafton WI

Little Pink Anderson in Grafton, WI September 2021

Little Pink Anderson is a 2nd generation bluesman who is currently working on writing his own autobiography.

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Why Does Moses Mason Sound Like Son House?

The mysterious Reverend Moses Mason on Paramount Records sounds an awful lot like Son House to this lifetime vocal instructor. The question: Is there some validity to this far-fetched thought?

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