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front cover of August Wilson's The Piano Lesson

August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” Analyzed by Angie Mack

The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson Analyzed by Angie Mack (c) 2007 We all have a

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angie blues_edited

He’s Like the Wind: One of the First Songs I Ever Wrote

Would like to record this with real musicians. Contact

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1930s Automobile on a Misty Day

In Search of “TennJim”

I later met and played with several “country” music people…Chet Atkins, Hank Williams, Sr., Ernest Tubb, and lest I forget, Johnny Cash and Elvis…

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angie mack reilly poet

Misty: Vocal Jazz Demo

Vocal Performer

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image of harlem by pixabay

A Place of Inspiration: Harlem

The time period between 1918 and 1929 contained an explosion of African American immigration, literary and artistic expression in Harlem, NY.

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black and blue 16

Song of My Beloved

recorded in Grafton, WI

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momentum album by

Album: Momentum (Ambient Pop) by Angie Mack

Recorded in Grafton, WI

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alex wilson teaching

Ozaukee Talent Announces #blueschool Coming in 2017

Announcing Ozaukee Talent Blues School in Grafton, WI

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two people crossing

2000-2008: Leaving Legacies

An Overview of Some of Angie’s Work Between 2000 and 2008

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woman holding book

Angie in New York Writer’s Book

A Peek Inside “Do Not Sell At Any Price” by Amanda Petrusich

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Dick Waterman, Angie Mack and Jim Brunnquell

Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Recounts Music Advocacy Efforts in Grafton, WI

by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Dec. 5, 2020 As an internationally recognized/touring blues musician/composer/educator/historian I can assure

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The Literary Parrot on Amazon

Today’s Interview with the New York Parrot Literary Magazine

Thank you Dustin Pickering and Mutiu Olawuyi for listening.  Hence caring.  We need more like you

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just fly for

New Adult Comptemporary Single! Just Fly

New Adult Contemporary Single! Just Fy (for Julia)
featuring The Striped Frogs with Angie Mack

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new york times angie mack reilly

2009: Angie Quoted in the New York Times

2009 Chairwoman of the Paramount Plaza Walk of Fame

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front cover of August Wilson's The Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson Analyzed

Monday, 17 December 2007 The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson Analyzed by Angela K. Mack We

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The Weary Blues by August Wilson

“The Weary Blues” From the Eyes of a Musician

rescued from “The Weary Blues” From the Eyes of a Musician A Harlem Renaissance Poet

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Put Lion of Judah in Your Playlist

Where to find….

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Video of Pink Anderson Courtesy of Document Records

Pink Anderson was born in Lawrence, South Carolina, on the 12th of February 1900, and was raised in Spartanburg in the northwestern part of South Carolina.

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photo of Little Pink Anderson at sunset with his dog blu

Little Pink Anderson in Nebraska

Little Pink Anderson has been a performing musician since the age of 3.

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Little Pink Anderson on the Paramount Plaza Walk of Fame in Grafton WI

Little Pink Anderson in Grafton, WI September 2021

Little Pink Anderson is a 2nd generation bluesman who is currently working on writing his own autobiography.

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painting of Angie Mack by Matthew Reilly

St. James Infirmary and Motherless Child Medley by Angie Mack

There is a lot to grieve about in the world right now on so many levels. It’s OK to cry.

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