Praying at the Piano

June 21, 2021

For me, sitting at the piano is like a prayer. As a musician and composer, I communicate with my hands. I sing from my spirit. I release my emotions in a way that is more socially acceptable for women. Through the piano.

“Let Me See You Lifted Up” was really written as a prayer from me to my Higher Power which is Jesus Christ. I recorded it in my townhouse living room in Grafton, WI with a digital recorder, keyboard and microphone.

A good part of my spiritual life has consisted of service. When we are serving others, we aren’t in the realm of “me”. My service has been my worship.

My spiritual journey has been like many journeys. There have been huge struggles to overcome along the way. Yet I always knew that I could release the fullness of my emotions in prayer. I have wept face down on the floor. I have run around a room with joy.  I have stared into space mindlessly tinkering on a piano key.

I have always enjoyed reading the Psalms because they are full of King David, his songs (Psalms), his intense and changing emotions, his burning passion to serve God and the drama which encompassed his life.   I can relate to David.  That is why I named my eldest son, “David”.  P

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